Videconference public rooms are located in every city on the planet large enough to support an airport. We all know where the airport is, but we have no idea how to access your best alternative to airfare, videoconference. We are about to change that!

Hard to find or difficult Cities for Remote Depositions are located for you and Quoted in less than 24 Hours.
Hard to find or difficult Cities for Remote Interviews are located for you and Quoted in less than 24 Hours.

PUBLIC VIDEOCONFERENCE ROOMS is powered by StandByVideo.Com videoconference room availability engine, if you have never been in a videoconference before, you are in for a treat!
Large corporations have been sitting down, face to face thousands of miles apart for years, and now so can you!

You can experience genuine, big-league corporate videoconferencing technology, instead of climbing on a crowded airplane, by renting a full-fledged professional videoconference facility for your own meeting. You have already found that booking tool, Zhaa all you need now is a credit card and you will be having your virtual meeting in a matter of hours.

As you look at the various videoconference room photos, you will notice comfortable quality professional rooms. You will probably also see large video displays, camera's, speakers and microphones.

Each room has all the equipment and network to support face-to-face virtual meetings, over any distance just like being together in the same room together. The displays, (TV Screens), are for you to see clearly the distant participants, and the speakers are for you to clearly hear their voice. The table microphone is to capture your voice so that the distant meeting participant can hear you clearly.

Each room has trained professional room operators that will welcome you, answer your questions, make any sound or lighting adjustments to insure that you can see and hear perfectly.

It is important that you be clear, if you are going to have a computer with you that requires internet access, or if you are planning some form of presentation like Power Point as that requires extra preparation to insure success.

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