Videconference public rooms are located in every city on the planet large enough to support an airport. We all know where the airport is, but we have no idea how to access your best alternative to airfare, videoconference. We are about to change that!

Hard to find or difficult Cities for Remote Depositions are located for you and Quoted in less than 24 Hours.
Hard to find or difficult Cities for Remote Interviews are located for you and Quoted in less than 24 Hours.


Zhaa project is powered by StandByVideo videoconference room availability engine, there is no fee to be listed or become an automated (booked in real time) site.

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Zhaa is one of the marketing vehicles associated with the StandByVideo network of Public Videoconference rooms, and was designed specifically for 2 groups of Users:

1) Frequent and/or experienced videoconference room users
Business and professional people for which videoconferencing is a familiar technology.
By addressing the problem of room availability, Zhaa looks to reduce the time and complexity that is normally associated with arranging a videoconference meeting.
By significantly reducing the traditional room broker fees and charges, Zhaa aims at making the videoconference alternative more affordable, more profittable for the rooms and more frequently chosen.

2) The Never Users
Business and professional people have heard of Videoconferencing and are interested but that have fear, and anxiety about the process, the expense and the facilities that they will be using.
By displaying photos, prices, and clear location information coupled with explanations and tips, Zhaa seeks to reduce the anxiety and make the first videoconference a comfortable and affordable success.

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