Videconference public rooms are located in every city on the planet large enough to support an airport. We all know where the airport is, but we have no idea how to access your best alternative to airfare, videoconference. We are about to change that!

Hard to find or difficult Cities for Remote Depositions are located for you and Quoted in less than 24 Hours.
Hard to find or difficult Cities for Remote Interviews are located for you and Quoted in less than 24 Hours.


  • I need to find a room, so that I can have an interview. How do I do that?
    First, be assured that a videoconference interview is very common.
    Zhaa was built to help you locate the public videoconference room you were asked to find. The people that own and operate this videoconference facility, will help you to be comfortable and successful.
    It is reasonable for a potential employer to cover the cost of the videoconference interview. Browse the rooms and once you have located one that appears convenient, email room information to your interviewer. They can book it for you and cover the expense.

  • My witness is in a distant city, is there a videoconference room for her to use?
    Yes there is, probably several qualified facilities!
    We have built this website; as a specific answer to that specific question.
    The Wizard is built to help you determine quickly what rooms are available for your witness, and what the cost would be. We will provide the best possible facilities, you will need to think about a court reporter, maybe a videographer and if you don't have a videoconference system in your office; the Wizard will help you find a facility close to your office or home to use as the other end of the videoconference.

  • What If I need Special Help, or I have a Power Point presentation to make?
    Zhaa was built for quick and simple face to face videoconference reservations. Interviews are the prefect example. Just 2 videoconference rooms, one person in each, normal business hours, just simple! If you know that there are going to be special requirements such as after hours, or an important Rich Media presentation we recommend that you Click Here and give us the details so we can make sure that you get the support that you need. Please, use the Comments area to include all the concerns that you have, and they will be studied carefully as we decide what rooms to recommend.

  • What does "Zhaa" mean?
    Zhaa is a brand new word we just created, it is both a noun and a verb, in the same way that the word text , and the word ebay are both noun and verb. Both of these new words, are now part of our western vernacular.
    It is our hope that this new word zhaa will come to finally and permanently replace a confusing jumble of words like Public Room Videoconferencing.
    As one of the marketing vehicles associated with the StandByVideo room availability engine, Zhaa is designed to support the StandByVideo mission
    Click Here

  • We own and operate a public videoconference room, how can I promote it here?
    Zhaa pulls all of its room information from the International StandByVideo database of rooms. If you are not already registered at StandByVideo, you can submit your room information free by Clicking Here. When all your information is entered you will be asked for a Date and Time when a certification test will be conducted. If you facility passes certification, you will be added to the StandByVideo network, and will be eligible for promotion at Zhaa.

  • What is meant by an "automated" Room?
    In Feb 2006, StandByVideo approached the entire International database of public Videoconference rooms, and asked for volunteers to step forward for a unique Beta Marketing test. 99 Rooms in 8 Countries were eventually selected, and they were provided special tools to allow them to communicate their room availability real time, on-line.
    Beginning March 8, 2006 this first ever real time availability began to be collected, and the rooms that are actively providing that information are marked in the system as Automated in order for you to book with confidence.

  • Why are the rooms all priced differently?
    StandByVideo, as a matter of policy never discusses or directs videoconference rooms on matters of pricing. It is a principal belief of the Corporation that the Free Market will dictate rooms pricing, if allowed to do so. Room owners, have the tools to update their pricing any time, instantly so it is quite possible that pricing will be different, each time that you inquire.

  • What If the City that I need is not Listed?
    It is not unusual to look up a City, and not be able to find it on the Find City list. When the need is for a room, in a smaller City we can do the research for you. Rare Room task force, is specifically trained to locate, test and offer you technically superior quality videoconference rooms that fit your needs perfectly. Click Here and create a task for our team. We will locate and test the room, at no cost and with no obligation to you.

  • Can I pay for my videoconference with a check?
    Zhaa was created with very specific goals and objectives. We believe that there is a need for a very low cost alternative to a room broker, especially for users that make these arrangements frequently. We have always looked to the Airlines as a model, and we need to make the process as efficient and reliable as booking a seat on an airplane. We also need to have our payment process as dependable and efficient as possible to allow for better pricing. For that reason, we require a valid credit card to secure all conference charges, the same way that the Airlines and the hotels expect to secure your reservation with a credit card. We can not accept a check as payment because our system was built based on a credit card payment model.

  • How do you get paid, are your services Free?
    Zhaa is an interface to the StandByVideo videoconference public room database. StandByVideo is one of several international Public Room brokers, that profit from a commission on room bookings they generate. Room brokers have traditionally earned 30% on new bookings they provide a videoconference room that wishes to be promoted.

    Originally, the standard hourly fee for the rental of a room that provided equipment, network and staff to support a corporate quality interactive videoconference was $250 USD/hour. Deducting the 30% commission, the room owner would receive a check from the room broker for $175 USD/hr for the completed conference.

  • What makes Zhaa better that the more traditional Room Brokers?
    Responding to increasing pressure to reduce the cost of a videoconference, StandByVideo decided to create a web-based promotional vehicle that would allow comparison pricing, and could operate on 1/3 the commission if the room owners took an active role in their own promotion and availability information, as these represent 2 of the most expensive functions of the Room Broker.

    Zhaa gets a commission of $25/hour on rooms that actively participate in the system, and the traditional $75/hour for rooms that do not.

    By allowing free-market forces to reward competitive room owners, and by reducing our broker commission, we are working hard to make Videoconferencing the more attractive option to travel. You can always speak to our Headquarters by calling 1-877-WhyTravel?

  • Data Communications
    It is common these days to have a data communications component that compliments the videoconference with live data content. Typically this data is generated either by the Users laptop computer, such as a Power Point presentation, or by accessing the corporate LAN to extract significant data for display. We recommend significant preparation to insure your complete success. Let us assist you with this task.

More answers to FAQ coming soon

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